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Hedge Cutting Services Welwyn Garden City

hedge cutting

As well as tree surgery, we provide professional hedge cutting, and a full garden maintenance service, including lawn cutting and lawn treatments to seasonal hedge pruning and hedge cutting.

Hedge Cutting

We have experience in all types of hedges and will undertake both small and large jobs - from wisteria on the front of your house to large boundary hedges for your commercial property.

There are many types of hedges and they all benefit for regular cutting for aesthetic reasons – a tidy hedge enhances your garden but also to keep the hedge itself healthy and vigorous.

If you don’t regularly cut your hedge, it can easily become hard to maintain. A good example of this is a conifer hedge. They can be extremely difficult to cut back to a reasonable size and shape once they have become too large.
For hedge cutting Welwyn Garden City call us today on 01727 822928.

Seasonal Hedge Pruning

Here are a few examples of the type of hedges we regularly maintain for our clients in and around St Albans:

  • Wisteria – grows really profusely with beautiful purple cascading flowers. We recommend pruning twice a year.
  • Leylandii and Fern Hedges - can quickly become untidy unless cut once a year.
  • Beech Hedges – a lovely thick hedge, this need regular cutting to maintain its healthy appearance.
  • Laurel and Privet Hedges – need regular cutting to ensure a pleasing and healthy shape
  • All types of boundary hedge – benefit from regular cutting to maintain shape and coverage

There are many more types of hedge we maintain, if you are unsure of how often your hedge needs cutting, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01727 822928.

We leave your property tidy

After we have finished trimming your hedge, we always clear up afterwards, sweeping pavements and driveways as needed and ensuring your property is left as we found it. We also ensure that we dispose of the hedge trimmings in an environmental and responsible way.
For hedge cutting Welwyn Garden City call us today on 01727 822928.

How often does my hedge need trimming?

We can fit in with your requirements.  As with our lawn mowing service we can schedule our visits as often as you want to keep your hedges looking good and in a healthy condition throughout the year. We recommend hedge pruning at least once a year, but this depends on the type of hedge and you individual requirements.

Highly trained personnel

All our personnel are highly trained and fully insured. We are committed to total customer satisfaction – our reputation depends on it! Read some of the testimonials we have received from happy customers.
For hedge cutting Welwyn Garden City call us today on 01727 822928.